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My ISMOD NANO feels very hot

As it is normal to feel a little heat from your ISMOD NANO device; however, if the heat feels abnormally hot, please follow the troubleshoot steps:

Reset the device according to the image below
Make sure the heating pin is properly cleaned
Disassemble the device and clean it properly

If this didn't work, kindly contact our Support Team on


It is always recommended to do a basic cleaning daily and thorough clean after every pack. To learn how to clean your device: Clean Your Device

It is also recommended to have some extra pins with you, and these would be good to change them every few months (2 - 3 months) to get the optimal heating performance. Nano is the only device where you can change the heating element yourself, they are available in packs of 2 on our website, and this will ensure that the heat transfer is always optimal.

Updated on: 17/12/2021

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